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Agent Partner FAQ

Why Keystone Advisors? 

Keystone Advisors is a Top National FMO aligned with Top Carriers to provide our partners and clients a broad and competitive portfolio. We are dedicated to our agent partner’s success and development in the insurance market. We provide training & sales support, 1-1 business planning, free quote & enrollment platforms for Medicare, Medicare Supplements, and ACA. We also provide co-op marketing for our agent partners! Click here to learn more. 

Keystone Advisors partners with the TOP National Carriers! 

Click here to see our carrier partners! 

Where do I go to complete my FFM?

Go to the CMS Enterprise Portal at and create a CMS portal account.  You will then be able to take FFM training courses.  A more detailed description can be found Here

How do I get started selling Medicare products?

You will need to obtain both your state insurance license and your E&O (errors and omissions).  Then will need to complete your AHIP.  It costs $175, however, when accessed through the YourMedicare page you receive a $50 discount.  Finally, get appointed with the carriers of your choosing.

How do I get leads?  Does Keystone Advisors provide these?

For Medicare agents, Agent Xcelerator offers the ‘LeadMax’ tool for BRC’s (Business Reply Cards) and leads.  ACA and Medicare agents can both reach out to local businesses and providers to build a network and get their name out to potential beneficiaries.  Keystone does provide leads for Agent Partners who have 4 or more ACA or Medicare carriers with Keystone Advisors.

Can I create my own mailers? 

Yes, you can create your own, however you must ensure they are compliant.  The mailers on LeadMax are only 38 cents per mailer and are already compliant, making them an affordable and convenient option.

Where do I go to view/print my commission statements?

To view or print your commission's statements, you will need to access your agencybloc account.  Once there, you will need to follow these steps in order to run a commissions report.  If you have not yet created an agencybloc account, go to the page at, click 'login' then the 'I can't log in or forgot my password link, use your email for the username blank.  Follow the link in the email you receive and create a new password, once submitted, you’ll just need to wait for access.

Does Keystone Advisors provide a CRM/way to track my leads/clients?

Keystone does provide a CRM for agents, click here to learn how to how to connect and follow up with your clients. If you are not contracted with the carriers that are supported on this platform, please reach out to us.

I have downline agents I want to bring on with Keystone Advisors, how would I do this?

Contact the Keystone Advisors contracting or agent relations team to notify us.  You can simply access the ‘Become An Agent’ form on Producer Academy and fill out a form for each of your downline agents you want to bring on.  You can also email and request the carrier links you would like us to send to your downline agents. 

Do I get paid by the Carrier or from Keystone Advisors directly?  Will the payment be paid to me or my agency?

Medicare agents get paid from the carriers they are appointed with, while ACA agents will get paid directly from Keystone or in some cases by the carrier. If you would like commissions paid to your DBA, then your agency must be registered with the state. 

What is the difference between Medicare and ACA commission payout? 

Medicare selling agents are paid directly by the carrier Click here to view the 2021 MAPD commission rates. ACA Marketplace selling agents are paid by Keystone Advisors (FMO). For ACA 2021 commission rates click here. 

*Keystone Advisors pays TOP level commissions for ACA products! We pay commissions on time and within 30 days, whereas most FMO's pay 45 - 60 days out. 

I want to join Keystone Advisors, how do I get a release from my current FMO?

First talk to your current FMO about getting a release, if they grant it, sign their release form and send a copy to Keystone Advisors contracting. For each carrier regardless Medicare or ACA, there are certain guidelines that are required. Please email us questions at

How do I get appointed to sell in a new state with a carrier I am already appointed with?

First, make sure you are licensed to sell in that state.  Then send a request to get appointed with that carrier in your selected state to or reach out to a Keystone Advisors Agent Representative for assistance with the process.  From there, Keystone Advisors will work with you to become appointed to sell in the requested state.

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