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2021 Medicare Advantage First Looks

Carrier updates and product details for plan year 2021

What’s the Value of a First Look?

First Looks allow you to get a feel for potential expansion areas or plan enhancements for the upcoming year. They help you determine before AEP what plans are most competitive in your area so you can complete contracting and certifications. That way, you’ll be ready to sell them again in 2021. You can also consider if your clients would benefit from a plan change.

First Looks are only available to contracted agents per the carrier’s rules, which means you have a leg up on those agents who procrastinate on contracting and certification. You can get contracted and certified using Keystone Advisors Certification Center.

How Will Agents Access First Looks?

For some First Looks, you will log in to the carrier’s site. For others, you will need to be logged in to Keystone Advisors Producer Academy.

First Look Dissemination Notice

Please remember, any dissemination of 2021 plan benefits prior to October 1, 2020, is strictly prohibited. Additionally, all plan details are subject to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approval.

If you have any questions Keystone Advisors Agent Support unit is always available to help our agent partners.

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