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6 Tips to Meet and Enroll Clients in a COVID-19 Affected OEP


Businesses have been affected by an unprecedented global pandemic, the health insurance industry is no exception. With new challenges to face in regards to social distancing and people's perception of safe social practices, you'll have to evolve your sales techniques to meet with and enroll new clients this OEP.

Tip 1: Meet with Clients Over the Course of Multiple Appointments

More than ever, beneficiaries are in need of marketplace plans with as a result of the COVID-19 related layoffs, one study showing over 74% of clients calling to ask about enrolling in an ACA plan.

This being the case, you will need to be able to inform your clients more than ever on the details of marketplace coverage and help them through the enrollment process.

To accomplish this, while still observing COVID-19 safety protocol, setting up a series of calls with the client to answer all questions and get them enrolled is the best plan of action, as shown below:

Tip 2: Use Calendly to Make Scheduling Meeting with Your Clients Easy and Efficient

This app allows you to send a link to your clients for them to see when you are free for a meeting and then schedule their desired meeting time. Calendly then adds this meeting to your calendar.

Keep these questions in mind when creating your Calendly account:

  • Do you want separate calendars for existing agents vs leads?

  • Do you want to restrict you meeting Hours?

  • Do you have multiple members on your team? To have an account for each team member or have them added on to your account

Tip 3: Have Email Templates to Send Out to Leads

As we talked about during tip 1, many of people looking to enroll in a Marketplace plan are still in Learning or Shopping stage of their enrollment decision process.

In order to commit as much of your time as possible with clients that will bring in immediate business, create email templates you can quickly send out to communicate with leads who aren't ready to enroll. They get the information they need and are ready for and you get more time to devote to the leads who are ready to enroll.

To get started creating your email templates, follow the few steps below:

  • Tally the most frequently asked questions you receive from leads over a 2 week period

  • Select a stock email response for each of these FAQs and organize them in a document accessible by the entire team

  • Be sure to include a Calendy link in these emails, that way any lead that decides they are ready to enroll can book a meeting with you quickly and easily.

Tip 4: Share Your Healthsherpa Direct Link with Your Clients

Every agent with a Healthsherpa account also has their own personal direct link. When a client goes to this link, it allows them to enroll directly and you are marked as the agent of record. Include your Healthsherpa direct link in your emails and online wherever possible.

When you login to your HealthSherpa page, you'll be able to see new leads as they come in via use of your direct link. Its a good idea to reach out to leads as they come in and answer any questions or schedule any appointments they may need

Tip 5: Utilize Webinar Resources for Meetings with Clients and Send Them the Recording

With social distancing measures still being recommended, some of your clients will still not feel comfortable meeting in person.

Zoom, Uberconference, Google Hangouts have all become frequently used tools in business to meet with clients. These webinar programs allow you to share your screen with your client, allowing you to walk your client though the quote and enrollment process.

Keep these tips in mind when using a webinar service:

  • Use a headset headphones with speaker to help avoid echo and ensure audio quality.

  • Close unnecessary tabs in your browser to help with bandwidth.

  • Turn off your video after your initial greeting to prevent lag.

  • Sit close to your WIFI router to ensure a strong internet connection

  • Silent notifications on your computer to prevent distracting noises during the meeting.

Following the meeting, send the recording to your client for them to refer to later on. You can find the directions to record meetings for each platform below:

Tip 6: The 'Save Progress" Button in HealthSherpa

At the top right of the HealthSherpa page is the 'save progress' button, make sure your clients know to regularly click this to save their quote and enrollment process.

Every time your client clicks the 'save progress' button, you will be able to pick up where they left off and vice versa when you save your progress on your end.

You can also share a quoted plan link with your client by selecting 'share' at the top right of the HealthSherpa screen, you will also be listed as the agent of record once they enroll after opening this link.

This OEP is the same as ever, in the sense that your goal is to connect with leads and enroll new business. Your techniques will not be the same however, the discussed business adjustments will take effort and creativity, but will allow you to overcome the unique barriers of this OEP and ensure you achieve you 2021 OEP business goals.


*Some of the information used in this post was sourced from the

Whether you're meeting your clients in person or virtually, Keystone Advisors wants to make sure you have a safe and successful AEP. Call us at 866-469-4921 to speak with a market manager.

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