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Commonly Overlooked Client Appointment Preparation


While gearing up for meeting with clients, it's easy to overlook one thing or another, especially those things which are not directly healthcare related. Below are a few, often-overlooked items to keep in mind prior to your day of appointments.

Have a Plan A, B, and C for navigating to your appointments

How often do you think about how you will get somewhere before getting in the car? Not often, because you're already reaching for your phone to search for your destination route. However, your wi-fi doesn't always work when you need it, or your phone battery life may not hold up between navigating with its GPS and taking agent calls.

While using your phone to find your next appointment spot is a good go-to, its not fail-proof. Its a good idea to plan out your route before leaving and to have backup plans to get there.

Here are some ideas for ensuring you arrive in a timely and stress-free manner to your client appointments:

Plan A: Use phone map navigation

Plan B: Use a GPS focused device in case your phone battery or wi-fi let you down

Plan C: Have printed out google maps routes in your car to reference if all else fails

Don't Forget to Eat!

AEP can be hectic, around traveling to and conducting your appointments, you can make it into the evening before realizing you haven't eaten a meal!

Besides the basic need for food, eating is important to prevent fatigue, lack of concentration, and irritability.

Some ways to prevent this undesirable situation from becoming a terrible reality:

- start your day with a complete breakfast,

- prepare meals the night or weekend before to take with you

- keep snacks in your car for staying fueled in between appointments

Prepare Yourself Mentally for Each Meeting

Between everything going on during a day of appointments, stress is not an uncommon result and can affect how you interact with clients. So before going into any appointment, take a moment to relax and make sure you mindset is in the right place to make a good first impression. You don't want the stress from that rude driver or construction detour bubbling to the surface during the meeting with your client.

Also important to consider before an appointment, is that you have an open mind about the client you are meeting with. Its human nature to make assumptions about someone based on the clothes they wear or the condition of their house, remember, none of these things change their need for Medicare coverage.

Plan for Your Appearance

Making yourself presentable for the client does not end before leaving your house for the day. Drink spills, being stuck in a traffic jam in a hot car, and coffee breath are all very real everyday possibilities, which don't do any favors for your professional appearance.

To help negate these eventualities, think about bringing an extra pair of clothes, a stick of deodorant, mints or gum, and even a Tide-To-Go stick with you, ensuring you give the best first impression at every appointment.

Prepare for for everything this AEP, including the unexpected or frequently overlooked. Follow the above tips and show up to your client appointments, on time, looking professional, and in the best mindset possible.


Whether you're meeting your clients in person or virtually, Keystone Advisors wants to make sure you have a safe and successful AEP. Call us at 866-469-4921 to speak with a market manager.

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