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Free Business Webpage Creators for Agents

Having a business website is essential in today's health insurance world. It provides current and potential clients a landing spot to see your contact info and learn more about what you offer.

Though the benefits seem clear, knowing how and where to build a business website can stump a lot of agents. To help you past this initial hurdle, we discuss some of the more popular agent business website options below.

Real quick before we get into the business webpage creator options for agents, here are the typical features offered on free website page creators:

  • At least a little bit of website customization

  • A custom subdomain

  • Website templates for plugging in your info and website material

For most agents, the basic features offered on these website templates are sufficient for their initial business page needs. However, agents should keep in mind that there are a number of features that are not available when using the free website creators, primarily:

  • Limited available storage space and bandwidth

  • Domains that are not available or that cost extra (typically $10/month)

  • The free website will include its own company branding on your website.

The Best Free Website Creators for Insurance Agents

  • Websites are available at no charge

  • The subdomain you receive in the format of is much more memorable and professional than other options

  • The site is ergonomically designed and easy to update

  • Sites are mobile friendly

  • Being completely free has its limitations, including no optional upgrades to any part of your Google website

  • Only 1 page is allowed per site

  • Very limited customization as far as template look and color schemes

  • Can't add social media sharing buttons or utilize Google analytics for your site

Bottom Line

Agents looking for a basic, bare-bones free website option should check out Google my Business. Anyone else should look elsewhere, as Google offers little more than a one-page site with few customization options and no upgrade options.

  • Easiest website editor tools of the bunch

  • Customizable forms for capturing leads available on free version

  • Weebly branding on website pages is very subtle

  • Beginner SEO (search engine optimization) tools available to optimize the website for search results

  • Upgrading to paid options starts at just $6/month and adds a top-level domain option. For just $12/month Weebly also removes it branding from your website and provides advanced website statistics.

  • The "Free" and "Personal" website plan options both include a banner add for Weebly on your site

  • Limited template selection as compared to other site options

  • Free subdomain is, less professional than other free website options

  • Mobile versions of the site may not automatically display correctly, so you will need to make tweaks to the site to optimize the mobile experience

  • Website editor tool has limited design flexibility

Bottom Line

This option is ideal if you are looking for a customizable option that requires little technical ability. Weebly also offers affordable upgrade options to support your business growth.

  • Template options abound. Wix provides more website template designs than any other free website option, even providing templates geared towards insurance agents

  • The drag-and-drop editor to create your Wix webpage is highly flexible, allowing you a wide variety of design options

  • Wix includes built-in social media tools, including an image creator allowing you to make images for posting to Facebook and other social media platforms

  • The first paid plan option is only $13/month and includes removal of all site ads and a top-level domain name that is free for the first year

  • More advanced customization tools require greater technical ability to create your webpage

  • The free option includes a Wix banner at the top of your website page

  • The free plan does not let you connect google analytics to your Wix site

  • User experience is historically a bit more frustrating than other options, given the more advanced skill set required to create and edit the Wix webpage

Bottom Line:

If you want more customization and features, Wix is the website creator for you. If however, you are looking for ease-of-use, look elsewhere, as Wix requires a good amount of technical ability to harness its advanced website design options.

  • Easy to create. Facebook provides easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to set up your Facebook page

  • Facebook features are expansive and ever-growing. Some features include: posting messages, links, pictures videos, and directions to your location. You can also schedule events with an RSVP option

  • The best messenger tool of the free options, messenger is one of the most popular messaging tools with over 110 million users. Facebook allows you to connect messenger to your page, making contacting you that much easier for current and potential clients

  • Highly capable mobile option that allows you to use all tools available on non-mobile devices

  • Facebook is widely recognized, with over 2.9 billion users worldwide

  • To view your page, Facebook prompts users to log in first

  • Custom domain tools not available

  • The default URL for Facebook pages includes a bunch of numbers and is not at all aesthetically appealing. Forcing you to either deal with a messy URL or claim your own

  • Not all Facebook tools provided on your Facebook page

Bottom Line

The most recognizable of the bunch, Facebook is a great option to establish your web presence and has excellent marketing tools built in. Though lacking some of the flexibility of a formal website, it still remains a great alternative.

Business websites are an important part of any agent's online presence and can be the difference between landing a new client and remaining anonymous. With so many great and unique free website options, now is the perfect time to create your business website!


Interested in creating your business page? Or have questions in general? Call the Keystone Agent support line at (346) -233-1992. You can also RSVP for our related agent training webinars on Producer Academy

Or if you want to request a contract now, you can complete an onboarding form at

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