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How to Avoid Lost Medicare Sales

Not all Medicare sales will end with you closing the deal. Maybe the client decided against moving forward with you to enroll in a plan for one reason or another, but why? We will discuss possible reasons for lost Medicare sales and suggestions on how you can prevent them!

You Didn't Have the Plan the Client Needed

One key to successful Medicare sales is a diverse and complete portfolio. This gives you the best chance to have the ideal plan option for each prospective client and heightens your likelihood of closing the deal.

So, what products does an ideal portfolio contain?

  • 2 or more Medicare Advantage (MA) plans

  • At least 1 stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)

  • A hospitality indemnity plan

  • At least 1 dental, vision and hearing plan

Even with a diverse portfolio, it's possible you won't be able to meet every clients' plan needs. However, one great solution to help prevent this situation is to research the areas in which you will be selling, find out which plan types are most common and at the highest demand, and then cater your portfolio to those plan types.

A diverse, complete portfolio coupled with some market research on your part will give you the best chance of closing your next Medicare sale!

Your Sales Approach Needs Work

Not all of your client meetings will turn out perfectly, but having an established and proven sales approach will go a long way in helping you to close your Medicare sale.

A large part of a successful sales approach stems from the manner in which you communicate with the client. Some essential qualities successful agents possess include traits like enthusiasm, adaptability, resilience, and positivity. However, each day brings its unique challenges and it is not always easy to exude these traits for every meeting. For those tough days where outside stress is affecting your mood, try preparing for the meeting by watching a funny video or listening to a favorite song, even eating a favorite snack, to get you in the right headspace for the meeting.

Another key to having a successful Medicare client meeting is to be an active listener. Make sure to listen carefully to the client's questions and respond directly to their comments. While listening, also ensure you are giving the client the chance to complete their entire thought before beginning your response, nobody likes being interrupted. Stay on the client's good side while ensuring you are answering all questions they have.

Also important is to pay attention to your demeanor in the meeting, body language, tone, eye contact, etc. This includes avoiding "elderspeak," in other words, talking in a patronizing tone, using simplified words, or speaking in a higher pitch tone. These seniors have had years to develop their vocabulary, and if they need clarification on a concept or term, they will let you know. While your natural tendency towards the use of elderspeak may be with the intention of being polite, it often will come across as condescending or even insulting. So just be yourself during meetings and speak to the client with respect and professionalism for the best chance at closing the sale.

You Can Only Do So Much

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) only gives you so much time to reach out to and enroll new clients. While having a healthy base of potential clients is never bad, missing out on new clients for lack of time can be.

Luckily, there are a couple of clear methods to address this potential issue, the first being to reach out to your FMO. Keystone Advisors offers agent tools and resources to ensure you can enroll clients as efficiently as possible, including the YourMedicare quote and enrollment tool. With this platform, agents can compare plans, complete scope of appointments, and even complete the entire enrollment process for several carriers. Also, remember the Keystone Advisors agent support number for any immediate needs.

Once your production reaches a level beyond your enrollment ability, you can even consider starting your own agency! By bringing on additional agents to work with, you spread the wealth and ensure all clients are being enrolled and you aren't missing out on sales!

Losing Medicare sales is the worst, make sure you are converting all potential clients into sales using the above tips and tricks. And when you need a bit more assistance, remember Keystone Advisors is here to provide the tools and resources required for your sales success!


Looking for Medicare training? Or have questions in general? Call the Keystone Agent support line at (346) -233-1992. You can also RSVP for our related agent training webinars on Producer Academy

Or if you want to request a contract now, you can complete an onboarding form at

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