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How to Become a Life & Health Insurance Agent

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Steps on how to get a license to sell Life & Health Insurance:

1. Check your state's exact requirements

Basic eligibility requirements such as minimum age, residence state, rules or regulations and following specific procedures.

2. Sign up for an approved pre-licensing course

Keystone Advisors recommends XCEL Testing Solutions as your licensing provider to help you study for you state life & health insurance exam.

Note: Keystone Advisors Producer Academy is an ongoing resource for licensed agents. It is NOT a resource to satisfy state specific licensing requirements. 

Sign up for your XCEL Testing Solutions training program
'Insurance Pre-licensing education' and save over $120.00 by using our discount code once you proceed to the cart.

3. Background check/ fingerprints

Keep in mind that every state has different requirements for this. You want to make sure you go through the fine-print with the State for the correct vendor.

4. Schedule your exam

Typically you will have to show up to a testing center to take your exam. Schedule your exam with your State's designated testing facilities. The slots to take your test tend to book quickly.

TIP: If you are able to, schedule your exam when you are half way through with your pre-licensing course. Add this date to your calendar to keep you motivated!

5. Take your exam!

If you studied hard and took our recommended pre-licensing course you are ready to take your exam. 


Memorizing what you learned.

Knowing the information in your own terminology. 

Being able to explain the information to others.

6. Register with the State /apply for your license 

Submit test results, fingerprints, and complete your application to receive license in your state. You will need to go to your State's website and apply. Usually, you can apply online. 

7. Receive your license.

Keystone Advisors will guide you with the next steps on how to get started as a New Licensed Agent

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