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Kroger AEP Program

Hello Agent Partners, 

Participating in a retail program is a great way to increase your community exposure and generate more sales during the AEP by reaching prospects you otherwise could not.  We’re pleased to announce that Keystone agent partners have access to the Kroger AEP program in Houston, TX.

Soon the Kroger Retail program will be open for store selection.  

What this could mean to you!

The SALES Opportunity. Thousands of people visit a Kroger in your community every day.

The Referral Opportunity. Although you may not sell to everyone that visits your booth, you will be giving them your business card and making them aware of your expertise. 

The Recognition Opportunity. For several weeks, customers will see you as they go about their shopping, associating you with answers to their healthcare questions.


  • Runs from October 7th to December 15th.

  • The program requires  a minimum of 20 hours weekly, 3 days per week of staffing and can be shared or individually owned. 

  • Report your daily activity (visitors, appointments, sales, etc.)

  • Medicare Advantage certifications must be completed within a timely manner.

  • Store requests are not guaranteed, so act fast

IMPORTANT: The store selection process happens very quickly, If you have any interest in staffing a Kroger during AEP 2021 ,  please email today! 

Call to speak with an Agent Manager at 972-456-9853 today for more information!

If you're not contracted with Keystone Advisors, just click the contracting link to get started today! Click Here! Keystone Advisors Team

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