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Leveraging Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plan Opportunities

Dental, vision, and hearing plans are an essential yet often overlooked form of health coverage. This provides you an excellent opportunity to cross-sell to your current book of business, providing your clients well-rounded coverage while earning you commissions year-round!

Check on Your Medicare Supplement Beneficiaries

A great place to start prospecting for potential dental, vision, and hearing (DVH) clients is your own book of business. In general, Medicare Supplement plans do not come with dental or vision coverage, meaning your Medicare Supplement clients very well could be in need of adding one or both of these coverages. Also, keep this in mind when first enrolling new clients into Medicare Supplement plans, so you can maximize the number of products they have with you.

DVH Plans for Medicare Advantage Clients

Typically, Medicare Advantage plans include dental, vision, and hearing benefits. However, these benefits often times are not comprehensive, potentially leaving your clients vulnerable to high out-of-pocket costs for certain DVH related needs. This is where offering dental, vision, and hearing plans can complement your clients' MAPD plans and give them a sense of security for any future DVH needs.

Consider DVH Plan Replacement

Don't overlook the opportunity of beneficiaries already contracted with DVH plans. Oftentimes clients have DVH coverage that does not meet their specific needs. This creates an opportunity for a dental, vision, and/or hearing plan replacement.

Also, keep in mind that ancillary products can be sold year-round, this not only provides an opportunity to enroll new DVH clients all year but allows you to connect with your current book of business, instead of waiting until the next quarterly check-in.

Now is the perfect time to start a conversation with your current book of business clients about dental, vision, and hearing plan opportunities. Chances are, your clients have not thought about this part of their health coverage and would be very open to adding additional DVH coverage. Keep the commissions coming in around AEP while ensuring your clients have the best-rounded coverage possible!


Keystone Advisors offers multiple DVH plans and provides the CSG Actuarial platform to support agents contracted with these plans.

If you do not yet have any dental, vision, and hearing plans in your portfolio, you can request them on Producer Academy

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