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Navigating Through 2021 AEP


As expected, the quote and enrollment process has shifted significantly in favor of remote sales methods, with in-home meetings only being accepted by prospects about 50% of the time.

This year more than ever, be sure to maintain a strong communication stream with your prospects and clients. With AEP in full swing, beneficiaries are being flooded with phone calls, ads, and mail, giving them conflicting and unrealistic messages. By maintaining communication with your prospects and clients, you not only help them understand and feel comfortable with their coverage options, you stand out to them as a reliable and knowledgeable resource, improving your chances of new clients and renewals.

The elephant in the room of course is the election and the implications of it affecting healthcare coverage. Beneficiaries are concerned, spurring predictions of a mid or late season rush for Medicare coverage. If you run into a client or potential client who is wanting to wait to see how the results of the election may impact their coverage, let them know that no matter the result, any changes to Medicare plans will not take effect quickly and that whatever coverage they sign up for this year will remain in effect at least until the next AEP.

With the impacts of this unique AEP potentially mitigating agents' typical sales, be sure and get appointed with ancillary products to help subsidize any reductions in new clients or renewals.

Some 2021 AEP tips to leave you with:

  • Continue using methods that have worked for you in the past

  • While also adapting to the changes resulting from this pandemic

  • Know the plans this year as thoroughly as ever

With less than 3 weeks left in this AEP, make sure to continue with what's working, adjusting where you need to and maintaining strong communication with your prospective and current clients, to keep them informed and comfortable in this unprecedented AEP.


Whether you're meeting your clients in person or virtually, Keystone Advisors wants to make sure you have a safe and successful AEP. Call us at 866-469-4921 to speak with a market manager.

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