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Shift From a Successful AEP to D-SNPs

With 2021 AEP in the books, its time to shift your focus towards Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs). So how can you transition from the hectic AEP season to selling DSNPs? Lets find out.


What Does Your Current Portfolio Look Like?

The first step to take to prepare for DSNP season is to look into your own portfolio and see if you have any DSNP plans you are currently offering and then what additional DSNPs are available to get contracted with.

Be sure and keep up with which carriers offer DSNPs to ensure you aren't missing out on any contracting opportunities, currently there are over 500 DSNPs available to shoppers, make sure you are there to offer services to those in need of one!

Prospect for Clients Differently

While community engagement is part of AEP, many of your leads can be garnered using mailers, lead services, social media, or from newly turned 65 individuals reaching out to you.

DSNP clients require more travel and direct interaction to truly reach as many clients as possible. Here are a few locations you should focus on to reach as many DSNP beneficiaries as possible:

  • Churches

  • Community Events at Parks

  • Thrift Shops/Flea Markets

  • Areas with Low Income Housing

  • Senior Centers/Communities

  • Dollar/Discount Stores

  • Utility Assistance Locations

Getting out into the community is key, much like Medicare beneficiaries, you can find clients in churches, senior centers, and at community events, the difference is that DSNP clients tend to be lower income, as they must qualify for Medicaid. Considering this factor, thrift shops, dollar stores, and low income housing areas are also prime locations to seek potential DSNP clients.

We've talked about ideal locations to find DSNP clients, now here are a few groups of people to focus on to achieve the same end:

  • Those who have been auto-enrolled in a PDP

  • People who are on or have previously been on Medicaid

  • LIS eligible MA beneficiaries

A Different Kind of Client Relationship

Unlike Medicare clients, DSNP beneficiaries are able to switch to a new plan once a calendar quarter, meaning, once you sign a new DSNP client, your time to enjoy the victory is short lived. DSNP Educate your clients and make sure all of their needs are met and questions answered in order to build strong client rapport and grow your DSNP book of business.


Just because AEP is over doesn't mean you have to gear down and wait for the next round of AEP marketing, shift your focus and build a DSNP client base that will keep the commissions rolling in and the people in your community healthy.

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