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Top ACA Alternatives for 2024: Flexible Health Insurance Options

Published by Monet Garcia, Marketplace Sales Director at Keystone Advisors

Navigating health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment Period can be a challenging task for health insurance agents. The struggle to find a qualifying Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for clients and prospects often leaves many without coverage options. Fortunately, there are viable alternatives for those who either don't qualify for a Marketplace SEP or prefer not to opt for ACA plans. Two standout options are Short Term Medical Plans and Medical Indemnity Plans. Here are my top two recommended products for 2024 that provide flexibility and essential coverage:

1. Short Term Medical Plan from Allstate Health Solutions

Short Term Medical Plans from Allstate Health Solutions are an excellent option for individuals who need coverage quickly or for a short period. These plans are designed to bridge gaps in coverage, such as between jobs, after aging out of a parent's plan, or during other life transitions.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate Coverage: Enroll anytime throughout the year without waiting for an Open Enrollment Period.

  • Customizable Plans: Choose from various deductible, coinsurance, and coverage options to fit your budget and healthcare needs.

  • Broad Network: Access to a wide range of healthcare providers and facilities.

  • Affordability: Generally lower premiums compared to traditional ACA plans.

Short Term Medical Plans provide essential medical coverage, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and emergency care. While they may not cover all the benefits of ACA plans, they are a solid option for those in need of immediate, temporary coverage.

New Short-Term Health Plan Regulations

In 2024, new regulations for short-term health plans will come into effect. These changes aim to enhance consumer protections and transparency. The new rules will limit the duration of short-term plans to three months only. Additionally, insurers will be required to provide clearer information about coverage limitations and exclusions, ensuring that consumers fully understand what their plans do and do not cover. These regulations are intended to prevent short-term plans from being used as long-term substitutes for comprehensive health insurance, while still offering a flexible option for those in need of temporary coverage.

2. Medical Indemnity Plan from Manhattan Life

Medical Indemnity Plans from Manhattan Life are another excellent alternative for those seeking flexibility and comprehensive coverage outside of the traditional ACA framework. These plans offer fixed benefits for specific medical services, providing clear, predictable payouts.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible Enrollment: Sign up at any time of the year without the need for a qualifying SEP.

  • Predictable Benefits: Receive set cash payments for covered medical services, helping to manage out-of-pocket costs.

  • Coverage for Various Needs: Includes benefits for hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, and other medical expenses.

  • Supplemental Option: Can be used alongside other insurance plans to fill gaps in coverage.

Medical Indemnity Plans are ideal for individuals seeking straightforward, predictable coverage. They offer financial support for a wide range of medical services, ensuring that clients are not left unprotected in times of need.


Finding suitable health insurance options outside of the Open Enrollment Period can be daunting, but alternatives like Short Term Medical Plans and Medical Indemnity Plans offer viable solutions. Short Term Medical plans from Allstate Health Solutions and the Medical Indemnity Plans from Manhattan Life stand out as top recommendations for 2024. Both options provide the flexibility to enroll anytime and offer essential medical and hospital coverage, making them excellent choices for those in need of non-ACA plans.

To get contracted with Allstate Health Solutions or Manhattan Life, please follow the instructions provided in the links below:

  • To get contracted as a new agent to Keystone Advisors, click here.

  • For existing agent partners, please use the link here.

For any questions, please contact Agent Support at (346) 233-1992.

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