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Updates for the 2022 AHIP Certification

The 2022 AHIP certification training becomes available June 21! Read below to see the updates to the AHIP training!

The AHIP's new interactive platform for the Marketing Medicare Advantage and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse program launched on May 10th and now allows for an easier, more efficient AHIP site experience.

Some of the improvements will include:

  • Simplifying the course purchasing experience

  • A less time-consuming process

  • Mobile friendly capabilities, allowing you to work on-the-go

  • Improved security to protect your data

  • Plus more!

Remember, Keystone Advisors Agents receive a $50 discount on AHIP training, bringing the price down to just $125, well worth the potential earning you can acquire as a Medicare agent!


Click here to learn how to save $50 on your AHIP training and certification!

Click here to start contracting, or call to have your questions answered 972-456-9853

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