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Your Business Facebook Page, An Invaluable Marketing Partner


This past year or so has brought many changes to the health insurance industry. One being the increased use of technology and social media to conduct business. With seniors having to adopt Zoom meetings and ordering online, it should come as no surprise that over 50% of seniors interact with Facebook. With this in mind, Facebook ads can be one of the best ways to advertise your Medicare business and bring in more business, entirely remotely.

Let's delve into how to successfully advertise on Facebook to improve your client relations and brand image.

First Things First

Create your business Facebook Page. This process is basically the same as creating a personal Facebook page, just use your business email instead. Then upload a cover and profile photo and add a description of your business. Creating a custom URL is also helpful for making your page easier to find. Finally, add an intro and about section that people can read upon landing on your page. Set your privacy settings to your preference and finally, add your Facebook page link to your business cards, business page, etc.

Next, Start Connecting by Joining Groups

The main purpose of a business Facebook page is to connect and network. Start by joining relevant insurance agent-related pages. By doing this, it allows you to ask questions and network with other agents, potentially opening up further networking opportunities and lead channels.

Start Posting to Your Page

When posting material to your business Facebook page, it is a good idea to use both content you have created as well as content you have gathered from other sources, anything that would appeal to your page viewers. Some examples of created content you could post include your newsletter, a recent blog post you created, an insurance agent FAQ page, etc.

Also, post interactive content such as polls or questions to keep your site viewers, whether other agents or potential clients, engaged and interested in visiting your page.

You can also post curated content from other sources, such as current events, upcoming events, insurance-related articles, etc. No matter the post, ensure you are staying compliant.

Interacting with Clients

Posting to your page is what drives traffic to your page, the next important action to take is to engage with current or potential clients of yours, staying on top of messages you may receive via your business Facebook page. There is an auto-reply option you can take advantage of to ensure any message you receive will be responded to in a timely manner. Keep in mind, once again, to stay compliant during these interactions, remember, potential clients must reach out to you. If they would like to talk about signing up for a Medicare plan, have them call you.

Managing Your Content & Facebook Ads

A good way to manage your time and ensure you are posting consistently is to create a content calendar to follow. This allows you to maintain a strong Facebook presence and lower the stress of having to remember to post every day.

Perhaps the most vital tool in your Business Facebook arsenal is Facebook ads. For relatively little investment ($5+ a day) you can have Facebook send out ads for your business that reaches a specific audience of your choosing. Not only does it reach out to the customers you want, Facebook also provides you with robust analytics to review and help you further fine-tune your selected Facebook ad audience.

A business Facebook page is your best friend when it comes to creating awareness around your business and further more, garnering leads and promoting your brand at a low cost. By creating your business Facebook page, you create a resource for other agents, current clients, and a channel to interact with potential clients.


Become a Keystone Advisors Agent Partner to gain access to Facebook marketing training and resources.

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