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Understanding your NPN, FFM User ID, and CMS Password

As a first time ACA agent, the number of items you have to keep track of during OEP can seem overwhelming. Among all the chaos, is keeping track of your agent identification information, to ensure you can access Healthsherpa to enroll clients during OEP.

This post will break down this aspect of the ACA agent experience, to help you more easily navigate this OEP.


In order to set up your Healthsherpa account and be able to enroll your clients, you'll need your NPN and FFM information. We cover both of these in more depth below.

To Find you NPN

Every agent will receive their National Producer Number during the licensing application process. All licensed agents can find their NPN here:

Locating your FFM User ID

Your FFM (Federally Facilitated Marketplace) User ID was created upon completing your FFM registration process in the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) Enterprise Portal.

If you have lost or forgotten your FFM User ID, you can recover it on the CMS Enterprise Portal by clicking on the "Forgot User ID" link, the recovered ID will be sent to your email on file.

If you still have trouble recovering your FFM User ID, you can reach out to CMS at their service desk here,, or by phone at 855-267-1515.

CMS Password Reset Requirements

The final hurdle agents can face when it comes to accessing their Healthsherpa and being able to enroll new clients, is an expired CMS Portal password, which requires a reset every 60 days.

Your CMS Enterprise Portal and Healthsherpa accounts are connected, therefore if your password expires on your CMS portal it will also prevent you from being able to use any of the marketplace features in Healthsherpa. Even after resetting an expired password, your access to marketplace features in Healthsherpa will be disrupted for an additional 24 hours!

Be Organized, Be Productive

Every ACA agent wants a productive OEP, ensure your don't have any interruptions in potential sales, by keeping track of your vital credentials and keeping your Healthsherpa account accessible!

*This article contains information from the Healthserpa site, you can visit their site to learn more.

If you have any questions Keystone Advisors Agent Support unit is always available to help our agent partners. Call us at 866-469-9528 or email us

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