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Turning Your Focus from AEP to D-SNPs

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The busy season has come to a close, but this doesn't mean you can't continue bringing in new business! Continue building your book by shifting your focus to Dual Eligible plans. Read further to learn how to maximize this opportunity to continue adding clients through D-SNP sales.

Review Your Current Portfolio and Contracts

The first step to take to start selling D-SNP plans is to go through your current carrier portfolio to see if you are currently contracted with any D-SNP plans and if there are any newly offered D-SNP plans you could be offering. (Check out our top 5 recommended D-SNP plans by Clicking Here)

This is a great year to look for newly available D-SNP plans, as the total number available has increased from last year's 540 plans to a current 700 available plans!

Know-How and Where to Find D-SNP Clients

Individuals who qualify for D-SNP plans have to be on Medicare and Medicaid to qualify for a plan, meaning that they will typically be low-income individuals. So building relationships with these prospects will require you to go to the same locations low-income individuals typically go.

Some examples are:

  • Food Banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens

  • Community events in parks

  • Low-income housing areas or senior centers and communities

  • Dollar and discount stores

  • Thrift shops and flea markets

  • Utility assistance locations

  • Churches or other faith-based organizations

Community involvement is a huge part of D-SNP prospecting, but knowing where to find Dual Eligible prospects is just one method to grow your book in the D-SNP market. Also be on the lookout for a certain TYPE of individual, including:

  • People who are on Medicaid or who had Medicaid and lost it

  • MA Beneficiaries who are eligible for the low-income subsidy

  • Individuals who have been auto-enrolled in a PDP

Adjust Your Selling Mindset

Unlike traditional Medicare Advantage plans, D-SNP plans allow clients to join or switch plans once every calendar quarter. While most people won't switch just because they can, this does open the door wider for other agents to sway your clients away from you onto a new plan.

This just means you will have to pay extra attention to client follow-up and retention, following the enrollment, follow up with and educate your clients to build that client relationship. Make yourself readily available to answer questions or offer general support to ensure you build the client loyalty needed to keep them in your book quarter after quarter.

Dual Special Needs Plans provide you with a way to continue earning commissions year-round. While this does require you to pay extra close attention to your current D-SNP clients, it also provides you consistent income and book of business growth potential!


Interested in adding D-SNP contracts to your portfolio? Start the process by calling the Keystone Agent support line at (346) -233-1992.

Or if you want to request a contract now, you can complete an onboarding form at

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