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The New Medicare Advantage & Part D Communication Requirements for 2022


Important Changes to Know

The most significant change for the 2022 year regarding the Medicare Advantage and Part D Communication Requirements is where they can be found and how they are organized. In previous years the communication guidelines could be found at, however, from now on, they will be listed, in a codified format, on the Federal Register website.

If you are unfamiliar with the term "codified" it simply means the communication requirements are organized in a nested, methodical layout (titles, chapters, subchapter, etc.) The Federal Register also explains this much in their article, explaining that "codifying the rules does not change their meaning or legal effect, it simply creates an organized structure for the rules and allows readers to see the complete text of an effective rule without having to refer back to various issues of the Federal Register."

To make it easier for agents to understand and navigate, as mentioned above, the Federal Register has revamped its site and categorized these requirements by title, chapter, subchapter, parts, subparts, and so on.

Understanding the New MAPD Communication Requirements Page

The Medicare Advantage Communication Requirements can be found under Title 42, Chapter IV, Subchapter B, Part 422, Subpart V, and the Part D Requirements in Title 42, Chapter IV, Subchapter B, Part 423, Subpart V of the Federal Register. All the information previously found on is now contained within these sections of the National Register, including the MAPD requirements and definitions.

You can copy citations and URLs on the page by moving your cursor over the gray boxes on the page. Be sure to utilize their search tool in the upper left-hand part of the page to find specific information more easily.

We encourage all agents to visit this page to familiarize themselves with the new layout and get a feel for navigating through the relevant National Register sections efficiently.


In the meantime, if you have any questions about these new changes, you can find support by calling the Keystone Agent support line at (346) -233-1992.

If you aren't yet an agent with Keystone Advisors, you can complete an onboarding form at

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