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Travel is Making a Comeback, Lend a Hand with Travelers Insurance


With more and more people receiving vaccinations, air travel and travel in general is beginning to pick up again. While there is still some space to make up from where travel was two years ago at this time, now is a great time to get into Travel insurance and begin building a strong client base.

Travel is Up in 2021

Although not yet matching its 2019 travel volume, travel is back up, substantially, from what it was this time last year. With people receiving vaccinations and gaining confidence in the safety of travel again, the number of people traveling publicly has increased and continues to be on the rise.

You can view this trend in the below graph:

How to Become a Licensed Travel Agent

So what are the steps to become appointed to sell travel insurance?

  1. Obtain the necessary insurance license, the steps to do so can be found here

  2. Complete your CTA Certification, this is optional but beneficial

  3. Complete your appointment with one of Keystone Advisors travel agencies

  4. Start Selling!

Be the First to Meet Returning Travelers Needs

With travel on the rise, now is the perfect time to become appointed with a Travel Carrier to take advantage of the quickly recovering travel industry. Take the proactive step to become appointed now and stay ahead of the travel industry trends. Reach out to Keystone Advisors today to start the appointment process!


Request a contract today on Producer Academy!

If you are not an agent partner with Keystone Advisors, call us at 346-233-1992 to speak with one of our agent managers.

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